The Evolution of SEO: A Quick Review

The Evolution of SEO: A Quick Review

Evolution of SEO

SEO was first developed during the 1990s when web and content developers first began optimizing websites for search engines. During this time, search engines were just beginning the process of cataloging the Web. Since then, the process we go through to search-optimize website content has greatly changed. Below you will find my quick synopsis of the SEO evolutionary process.

The Early Days

When SEO was first being developed, web designers would actually do very little. The process was simply providing the various search engines with the URL. At this point, search engines would crawl the page, extract links and return the information on the page. Our development team built a URL submission website so clients could submit URLs to multiple engines simultaneously. It became an overnight success!

1997 to Early 2000s

In 1997, the term search engine optimization was born. At this point, web owners began to notice how important it was for their websites to be ranked high on search engine pages. This led to the process of creating algorithms to help with this. Now webmasters would need to provide the meta tags to help search engines classify and rank pages. This was also the point where keyword stuffing became popular and many pages were filled with very little valuable information.

Modern Day SEO

Today, search engines are doing a great job at looking for websites that provide valuable content. To encourage this, websites that follow the outdated, keyword-stuffing model are penalized. Web designers must now focus on a combination of strategically placed keywords, valuable content, quality images and videos, and proper tags and descriptions in order to improve their SEO efforts.

Since SEO was first created to present day, many changes have taken place. One can only expect that those changes will continue, which means we will be looking at an entirely different process in a few years’ time. Because of this, learning more about the proper use of SEO is the best way to ensure your website is designed properly.

To learn even more about SEO and the best ways to manage it, check out our SEO services.

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