E-commerce SEO — Make the Most of Your Approach

E-commerce SEO — Make the Most of Your Approach

E-commerce SEO — Make the Most of Your Approach

In 2018, the benefits of SEO are quite well-known, providing an organic way to grow your presence and attract new customers to your business simply through the power of search. However, the advantages of SEO for e-commerce are often less understood in the hustle and bustle of paid campaigns and ensuring social media sites are as prepared as possible. Here’s what you need to know about SEO for your online store.

Use the Right Keywords

Keywords are critically important in getting your small business noticed, aligning with what and how current Google users go about finding online resources. However, the wrong keywords can be quite detrimental, putting you below your competitors in the SERPs. You don’t necessarily need to cram product titles full of keywords, but yours need to evident, and they need to be abundant enough to rank well. While your primary keyword or phrase should get the spotlight, don’t forget latent semantic index keywords, or keywords that exist to add context to your page. Take a wise approach in incorporating keywords throughout meta titles and tags, and put focus on your homepage, too.

Prior to choosing keywords, you need to keep a few additional things in mind, including search volume, cost per click, and user intent; without the low-down on these kinds of stats, it’s easy to miss the forest for the trees. Consider also analyzing competitor usage to make sure you understand how the others in your market rank.

Simplify Your Site

An e-commerce page has big shoes to fill, providing an experience as easy as shopping in a physical store while still remaining in a virtual world. If you want shoppers to find you – and buy from you! – the right site architecture can make all the difference. This means a distinct hierarchy, both on your store pages as well as throughout the rest of your site. Make sure how your products are organized is clear, straightforward, and easy to navigate, both for the benefit of search engine crawlers and your customers.

In creating an effective layout, it’s also important to keep internal linking in mind. This practice serves two key purposes: creating an index of how pages relate to one another while also improving navigation and thus time spent on your site.

Embellish Product Pages

As an e-commerce operation, the products you showcase are among the most important assets you have available. Without in-depth and detailed pages, it’s possible to fail to pack a punch both on the SERPs as well as with your customers, making it a challenge to communicate the value in what you have to offer. Instead, you need to create a valuable experience for your visitors. In doing so, focus on a few key elements, including:

  • Product names with appropriate keyword usage
  • Product descriptions rich in information about size, material, cleaning instructions, and more to provide a well-rounded customer experience
  • Image optimization designed with the customer in mind, including files named with keywords
  • Product information or how-to videos
  • Comprehensive customer reviews to boost consumer trust
  • FAQ content to keep customers involved and boost conversion rates

Running a successful e-commerce website isn’t always easy, but your approach to SEO can make or break your success with customers. Without the right approach to keywords, site organization, and product pages, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of other e-commerce competitors out there.

Want to make sure you nail your e-commerce, no matter what you have for sale? RivalMind can help you put together a winning SEO strategy for any site. Get in touch with us today!

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