Tackling Local SEO When Your Business Doesn’t Have a Set Location

Tackling Local SEO When Your Business Doesn’t Have a Set Location

Tackling Local SEO When Your Business Doesn't Have a Set Location

As most marketers know, local SEO can be a big benefit for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Providing a way to highlight services to those members of a key demographic, local SEO combines traditional SEO techniques with a location-based emphasis that drives search engine results in major service areas. For most companies, the process is quite simple, but for businesses with broader decentralized services, one key question often surfaces: how can you harness the power of local SEO when your business doesn’t revolve around a set location?

While there are a number of available options, the best path forward will truly depend on your business.

Focus on Individual Locations

For businesses that have multiple locations, or serve multiple dissimilar regions, it’s best to focus on as many of these from a local level. By working with management and others who have boots on the ground, it’s possible to create individual SEO approaches customized to each market, honing in on the most important demographic data serving each community. This isn’t a possibility for companies with a national reach, like e-commerce brands that sell nationwide, but can be a feasible and valuable solution for those with numerous regional areas of operations and a large management team.

Omit Addresses in Business Listings

If your company serves a national market or doesn’t have a physical location, it’s still possible to showcase your services or opportunities on many local business listing sites. While the obvious location-specific options, like Google My Listings, may not be a possibility, pages like Angie’s List and Bing’s business portal allow companies to make listings without location-specific information. This kind of listing can allow you to narrow down the largest metro areas in your service radius without needing to isolate a specific home base. The more directories and listings you can be in, the better; this is particularly true for sites that allow you to show up in search results for multiple areas.

Create Regional Pages for Your Largest Markets

Do you offer plumbing services in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Jersey City, Newark, and Yonkers without one primary location? Does your fleet of rental vans service the entire Northeast? If you’re across several major metros, or even multiple smaller metros, you need a separate page for each target market for SEO purposes. When customers from, for example, Brooklyn search for a plumber, a resource in Yonkers isn’t going to be helpful. Instead, you need your customers to know that you’re in their market and eager to help. With customized landing pages for each city, state, or neighborhood you serve, you can be sure you’re targeting the right searchers on the web.

Set a Local Directory Radius

If you have several stores in the same vicinity, it’s going to be critically important that you differentiate the radius that applies to each one. Even if some of your stores are quite close, you don’t want to inadvertently scare a customer off by showing him a store 10 miles away instead of one mile. By carefully mapping out where your locations are situated, where your customers are coming from, and how far they’re willing to travel, you can be specific about selecting the areas each of your locations serve on Google My Business. The more specific you are, the better, and the more likely you are to resonate with your target market.

Mastering the art of local SEO when you are not promoting your business location can be exceedingly challenging, but when you take the right approach to marketing, it’s possible to isolate the perfect workaround. From working with resources that don’t require addresses to creating regional landing pages, you can be sure you’re always in the public eye. Not sure where to start? RivalMind can make a difference. Get in touch today!

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