More Than 25% of Moving-Company Online Shoppers Immediately Search for Another Mover

More Than 25% of Moving-Company Online Shoppers Immediately Search for Another Mover

Don't require contact info to get pricing

United Van Lines and Wheaton Van Lines Perform Particularly Well in Moving Company Website Visitor Satisfaction

CHICAGO, IL: 01 February – One quarter of visitors will exit a professional moving company website in search of another mover if required to enter contact information to obtain general pricing, as online shoppers overwhelmingly prefer an instant price quote calculator (or posted pricing) over the conventional request-a-quote submission form when attempting to obtain pricing information from a professional mover, according to the RivalMind Moving Company Website Competitive Analysis.

Pie Chart

Readily available pricing information is extremely important to moving-company online shoppers and has a direct impact on website ease-of-use, which is the number one driver of overall moving-company website satisfaction. Because there exists a strong correlation between website satisfaction and visitors’ willingness to return to and/or recommend a mover’s website, efforts to improve price-quote usability can have a direct impact on conversion, loyalty, and advocacy.

More than 2,000 consumers were surveyed regarding their expectations, needs, attitudes, and preferences with moving-company websites. In addition to rating features and usability, respondents answered open-ended questions about their experiences.

“Asking for contact information prior to providing an estimate was the most common complaint,” said Chris May, senior usability consultant at RivalMind. “Many visitors simply want an estimate and prefer not to provide personal information, and fear being added to a SPAM list. The vast majority of shoppers abandon a moving-company website without a quote.”

Top Performing Websites

United Van Lines and Wheaton Van Lines rank highest in a tie for top user experience overall. Fifteen of the largest professional moving companies were selected for inclusion in the study.

From design and layout to site search, content, and even trustworthiness, the study captures user perception across a wide spectrum of success factors. Respondents were given clear tasks to complete and then asked to provide specific feedback on their experiences, as well as rate website performance regarding these specified tasks.

About the Report

The purpose of the Moving Company Website Competitive Analysis is to provide subscribers with a clear competitive advantage. A poor user experience compels visitors to exit a website prematurely and has a negative impact on the brand. A positive website experience is expected by users (especially when competitors are only one click away) and can dramatically impact revenue, loyalty, advocacy, and ROI. With this report in hand, marketers are better positioned to pursue the performance improvement initiatives that maximize sales through website conversions—initiatives driven by the voice of the customer.

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