5 Indispensible Tips: What You Need for a Winning Landing Page

5 Indispensible Tips: What You Need for a Winning Landing Page

What You Need for a Winning Landing Page

The necessity of a landing page is essentially indisputable. If you want to improve presence and convert leads online, you need solid landing pages that can effectively capture traffic.

Unfortunately, not all landing pages are created equal. Some are good, some are bad, and some may be actively hurting you. However, a few simple tweaks can improve conversions by as much as 48%, creating an entirely new world of opportunity for your company. When you want to do what’s best for your business, these five landing-page tips can help you make the most of traffic to your site.

Create a Killer Headline

Want to attract attention? You need a headline that will catch a reader’s eye and ensure your objectives are exceptionally clear. For example, something like “Stop by our next event” doesn’t pack the same punch as “Sharpen your marketing skill set at our upcoming seminar,” so make sure you’re striving to drive the point home as effectively as possible in a way that resonates. Ideally, keep headlines to 10 words or less, and never more than 20. If you have more to say and are convinced that cutting words won’t lessen your impact, utilize subheadings to avoid detracting from the main message.

Be Visual

Plain text on a plain screen isn’t going to make an impact on anyone. Instead of hoping your words alone communicate your message, lean on visuals to create a message that sticks. Use stock photos if you have to, but a more personalized image will carry greater weight. Also consider videos and infographics to provide valuable details that can capture reader interest and add value; the more unique and creative you can be, the more likely visitors are to engage.

Make a Statement

Landing pages shouldn’t exist simply for the sake of existing, so it’s imperative that you effectively highlight what you’re attempting to accomplish. In order to make the biggest impact on your readers, keep language brief, punchy, and to the point. While longer landing pages can and do convert, don’t add text just for the sake of adding text. Instead, make sure every word you type truly improves the user experience and offers need-to-know information.

Emphasize Benefits

Your landing page is designed to convert, but to do that, it needs to offer readers a reason to care. In crafting your landing pages, it’s extremely important that the benefits available to those who sign up with you are both clearly stated and highly desirable. So, rather than implying that signing up for your email list will come with cool perks, be more explicit. Talk about the discount codes you can offer and the insider information you’ll provide so users are incentivized to take action.

Keep the Flow Logical

On both mobile and desktop devices, readers’ eyes are trained to focus on specific areas of a page. For example, signup boxes are often to the side or below a main heading of text, CTAs are usually above the fold, and an intro paragraph establishes the benefits available. In designing your landing pages, keep these kinds of elements in mind. If you deviate too far from the norm, readers may be too distracted, confused, or irritated to figure out what you’re trying to say.

Landing pages can be extremely effective tools, but only when they’re used properly. Sloppy text, average headings, and a lack of visuals, for example, can completely fail to accomplish your end goals, wasting space on your site while sending the wrong message. With these tips, you’ll be prepared to capture as much traffic as possible.

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