Accounting Firm Accrues Clients with Search-Optimized, Responsive Website

Accounting Firm Accrues Clients with Search-Optimized, Responsive Website

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Accounting Firm Accrues Clients with Search-Optimized, Responsive Website

Klein Hall CPAs is a mid-sized accounting firm located in Naperville, Illinois with more than 50 years of experience serving businesses, organizations, and individuals. The firm has an extremely strong reputation in the community, built on quality service and integrity, which earned them the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year Award as well as the Annual Award for Business Excellence. Klein Hall strives to help customers achieve success by serving as advisor and consultant, not just accountant or tax preparer.


Klein Hall CPAs sought out RivalMind to overhaul the firm’s online and mobile presence in an effort to attract more business while providing current customers with easy access to resources. For nearly 10 years, Klein Hall used a website design and hosting service claiming to “specialize in accounting websites and content,” yet the website was not optimized for SEO or mobile, featured no unique content, was visually unimpressive, and did not attract new visitors.


The aforementioned service “specializing in accounting websites and content” paid to maintain was actually harming the firm’s ability to attract new business. The same articles, resources, and content posted on the Klein Hall website were simultaneously being posted on hundreds of other accounting websites. While this is an efficient business model for the service provider, Google penalizes websites with duplicate content. Thus, Google was demoting in search results. In addition to unique content, Google also evaluates a website based on mobile optimization, site speed, frequency of updates, crawlable structure, backlinks, and more. RivalMind built an elegant, Google-optimized website, designed “mobile-up” with a user-friendly content management system to facilitate regular updates. RivalMind also initiated a local-SEO campaign, listing the firm’s accurate NAP information on 50+ business directories.


Since launch in January 2015, site analytics reveal pageviews increased by 109%, unique visitors increased by 76%, and the bounce rate declined by 40% compared to the same time period one year prior. Klein Hall reports a substantial increase in new business resulting from the website.

You are the best. The impact you’ve had on lead generation through SEO and our latest mobile website is remarkable. The statistics speak for themselves. We wouldn’t consider working with anyone else.
Christina Klein, CPA Partner

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