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Maximizing Your Mobile Impact
16 September 2016 | Design Posts
4 Strategies for Maximizing Your Mobile Impact

Half of all web traffic is now coming from mobile devices, according to Google. This means it's more important than ever for businesses to have competitive mobile strategies, or they risk losing website traffic and conversions.

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Evolution of SEO
15 September 2016 | SEO Articles
The Evolution of SEO: A Quick Review

SEO was first developed during the 1990s when web and content developers first began optimizing websites for search engines. Since then, the process we go through to search-optimize website content has greatly changed.

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Keyword Research
14 September 2016 | SEO Articles
Keyword Research—What and Why?

Keyword-focused content can significantly impact a company’s sales and revenue. Ignoring this SEO practice could be limiting your potential as a business. Once armed with this vital SEO data, you are able to prioritize your SEO content.

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Not All Content Is Created Equal
13 September 2016 | SEO Articles
Not All Content Is Created Equal

Our simple guidelines will help you navigate an SEO campaign, optimize your content for maximum SEO on the front end, as well as make sure you maintain the integrity of your SEO in the future.

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Inbound Marketing and SEO
15 August 2016 | SEO Articles
Inbound Marketing and SEO — The Dynamic Duo

Why combine inbound content marketing with SEO? One without other is like trying to fly an airplane with just one wing. Not only do you need great content—extremely valuable to potential customers—but your great content must also be search-optimized.

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Chicago SEO Link Building
06 August 2016 | SEO Articles
The Importance of Link Building

Of factors which increase the traffic on one's website, one of the most important components, and certainly the most intuitive, is that of link building, which is the process of getting quality sites with high traffic to link to your website.

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How Search Engines Work
05 August 2016 | SEO Articles
How search engines work, in Geneva, Chicago, and beyond!

Most people these days type in the address of a search engine, type in their query terms, hit submit and reap the benefits of some serious behind-the-scenes work. It’s easy to miss what’s going on behind the scenes of a search engine’s functionality.

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Dont Hide Content SEO
04 August 2016 | SEO Articles
Don’t Hide Your Content – SEO Essentials

With over 85% of searches for products and services now happening online, it is more crucial than ever for your business to have a strong internet presence. And while it once was enough to merely pay for advertising, research has proven that without search engine optimization (SEO), your business could be losing up to 80%...

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What you don't know about SEO
03 August 2016 | SEO Articles
What You Don’t Know About SEO

Typically, when people think about search engines, they imagine a relatively simple algorithm that merely crawls the web in search of keywords that correspond to a user's search terms. And while this is how search engines once worked, the modern engine has been transformed into a behemoth taking in millions, if not billions, of data...

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What is SEO?
02 August 2016 | SEO Articles
What is SEO?

Over the last several years, SEO has quickly become the number one way for businesses to get their message out, advertise to customers, recruit employees and let the world know that they exist. SEO stands for 'Search Engine Optimization' - a process that helps a business become 'more search engine friendly' and rank higher on...

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