Why Your Business Needs to Start a Newsletter

Why Your Business Needs to Start a Newsletter

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On the surface, the idea of newsletters may bring to mind the antiquated paper concept: news literally printed on letter paper and distributed for the benefit of community members and clients. While this is, theoretically, an option, today’s newsletters are a little different. Generally in the form of email blasts that compile news, promotions, and upcoming opportunities, newsletters offer the same benefits as in years gone past — without the paper-wasting aspect. 

If your business doesn’t currently utilize newsletters, it may be worth your while to engage in the practice. By taking the writing you already create, like blog posts and website content, and repackaging it as a part of your email marketing campaigns, you can maximize your exposure by sharing your best content with your contacts. This is how using newsletters can make the most of your operations.

Newsletters Build Relationships

Let’s face it — the average web user gets dozens of emails a day, and not all of them are worth reading. However, those who care about your business and are interested in what you have to offer will take the time to read what you have to say. 

By sharing information, you can build a relationship with your customers. Distributing blog posts, tips and tricks, special offers, and anything else you have of interest shows that you value your customers and want them to have access to the best, most relevant information. Doing this can create a bond between you and your customers, putting your name front and center in their minds when they consider making purchases from companies offering your services. 

Newsletters Improve Reputation

Newsletters are primarily a way of sharing information. Some information contained in newsletters will be personal in nature. However, other information, like general blog posts, likely explore broad aspects of your industry.

By distributing information related to your industry, like tips for choosing products, new legislation, seasonal stories, or anything else of note, you can establish yourself as an authority in your readers’ minds. When they have questions about products or services in your industry, they will know that you have access to information, and you will be well-positioned as a quick, authoritative source of trustworthy data in their minds.  

Newsletters Improve Marketing Endeavors

For most businesses, email campaigns are a big part of communicating with customers. However, many marketing emails are related to sales and promotions. While promotional emails can be valuable for those looking to make a purchase, many go right into the trash without so much as a click. 

There’s no way to ensure all customers click on your newsletters, but those that do will learn that you’re about a lot more than just advertising what you have to sell. This can help you make the most of your business, connecting with customers in a new way. Newsletters can help you stand out from the pack, too; many companies don’t use them, so you’ll be able to easily forge your own path. 

Newsletters Increase Web Traffic

Newsletters provide information about both your industry and your business. However, a standard newsletter only contains snippets of information. As such, in order to get access to all information, newsletter recipients need to click on links within the email. When these links point back to your site, traffic is driven to your website, sending more people to your page than may have ordinarily visited. 

In order to make sure you get the traffic bump you need, make headlines and snippets compelling and creative. Give readers a reason to follow your links and explore your website beyond the article they came to read.

Newsletters Boost Social Media Followers

Social media is a big part of success in business. The more fans and followers you have, the better you can communicate things like sales and special offers, resulting in business growth. With the right newsletter strategy, an increased presence on social media is an added benefit.

Most professional newsletters include links to social media profiles and even specific social media posts, when relevant. This increases the reach of your social media pages, attracting new fans to visit your pages and ensuring existing followers see your important info.

Newsletters Improve Public Relations

In many cases, your marketing is the face you show the public. The ads you place, the emails you send, and the public face of your website speak to who you are as a business in addition to communicating information. For better or for worse, how you market can define you. 

Sending newsletters can be a positive PR move, presenting a professional and poised appearance. Even if your content is lighthearted and casual, newsletters communicate authority and trustworthiness to the public.

Starting the Perfect Newsletter

So, you’re interested in starting a newsletter. But now what? 

If you’re not sure how to put together a professional publication, you’re not alone. Sending out marketing emails can feel a little bit different than putting together a professional, legible, and interesting newsletter, creating a disconnect that can be challenging to overcome. 

However, the process doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sounds, and it’s not something that needs to be managed by hand. RivalMind can help you put together a winning approach to newsletters. By creating custom templates within MailChimp, we are able to funnel submissions from websites, recent blogs, updates, product launches, press releases, and more into one cohesive distribution that can be sent to targeted email lists. This allows for fast, simple newsletter creation customized to each specific demographic relevant to your business, providing a way to make sure the right eyes see your content.

Putting together a great newsletter can do a lot for your business, from expanding your reach to improving your reputation. If you want to be sure you’re heading in the right direction or that your strategy will resonate, we’re happy to help. Contact RivalMind today to explore our newsletter preparation and distribution services.

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