Chicago SEO Company: Why SEO Matters

Chicago SEO Company: Why SEO Matters

Chicago SEO Company: Why SEO Matters

As a new or developing company in the digital era, attracting adequate consumer attention can be exceptionally challenging. Finding a way to stand apart from the many, many other industry names is often overwhelming, especially for those who aren’t quite sure how to break free from the pack.

While a strong business plan, intelligent leaders, and dedicated employees can help you stay competitive, it’s hard to make up for an imperfect web presence. Trends today are rapidly evolving, and sticking by fail-safe methods of the past just won’t cut it, especially when your website, social media, and directory listings aren’t on point. And now, with over 80% of consumers researching products and services online before making a purchasing decision and 93% of online experiences beginning with a search engine, it’s more important than ever before to create a digital presence that counts.

Whether you’re new to the wide world of web marketing or you simply want to ensure your site ranks as strongly as possible, the right approach to SEO can help you see success.

Why SEO Matters

For consumers, selecting a company no longer entails a flip through the phonebook and calling around for quotes. Instead, it’s all about the web. Today’s customers aren’t happy with just a name; they want reviews, a reputable website, comprehensive information, and an easy form of contact.

When prospective customers take to the web to research brands offering your services, it’s important that what you have to offer is listed close to the top of the search engine results. After all, it’s hard to compete in the marketplace if no one can find you. Too many companies fail to rank without any easy explanations and assume this is how things have to be, but this perspective will never help you get ahead.

Search engine optimization, a method of targeting search engines in order to generate organic results, has long been a buzzword in the world of online marketing, but it’s still an extremely important part of modern business. With so many factors at play, including an educated approach to keywords and phrases, high-quality content, a smart web design, link-building know-how, and meaningful meta data, hitting the bullseye on all of them is often a delicate balance. Companies willing to take the time to plan or implement a strategic approach, however, have a lot to gain.

  • Organic traffic growth of 50% of more
  • Significant return on investment
  • Better web design: 75% of consumers make snap judgment on companies based on appearance
  • Better SERP rankings, increasing click-through rates (60% of customers choose the first result on Google)

Your Chicago SEO Company

SEO can be a hard art to master alone, particularly for business owners and marketers with limited digital experience. While it’s possible to DIY a decent approach, turning to a professional is far more likely to generate results worth your while. With a Chicago SEO company educated in everything from local techniques to developing trends, expert marketers can walk you through the basics, implement industry-appropriate solutions, and keep you on the cutting edge of developing trends. From Google algorithm changes to the ever-changing landscape of mobile web use, the right resource can ensure you’re always ahead of the curve.

Your company matters. Let RivalMind help you with a custom approach to SEO ideal for your business.

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