The Importance of Link Building

The Importance of Link Building

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Of factors which increase the traffic on one’s website, one of the most important components, and certainly the most intuitive, is that of link building, which is the process of getting quality websites with high traffic to link to your website.

This is important for two reasons: First, the more sites that link to yours, the more opportunities there are for users to click-through and come to your website. And while this may seem obvious, many people underestimate how incredibly useful having a few links in the right places can be.

Second, and more importantly, your link patterns are one of the most highly weighted criteria in search engine algorithms. And this makes sense because, ultimately, the job of a search engine is to provide its users with websites that do not merely match their search terms, but are actually relevant to users’ tasks; and links are a great indicator of this.

That is why you must develop your linking patterns strategically.

Link Building – Deeper Dive

From the search engine perspective, links are viewed as recommendations. That is why they take into account both who recommends your site and who your site is recommending when deciding on the quality and relevance of your website as a whole.


Each site, when looked at by a search engine, is categorized into one or many themes. These themes are based on the keywords, title tags, and the text displayed on the website itself.

The theory then goes that recommendations from websites with similar themes are probably better indicators of the quality of the linked site than those from unrelated webpages. Hence, the more similar websites linking to you, the better.


As well as a theme, every website is also given a certain “Trust” value, which is just a composite score that is attempting to estimate the overall quality of a website. Well known websites (like Wikipedia or CNN) are going to have higher trust scores than some blog that no one has heard of.

And, accordingly, the importance of any one link is substantially boosted if it comes from a highly trusted website. Conversely, if most of the links going to your site are from nonreputable sources, then search engines will assume that your site is also nonreputable.


With the speed at which the internet is changing, a search engine must also takes into account the freshness of a link; recent recommendations are seen as much more important than old ones.

Consequently, if you want your site to be valued by search engines, the task of quality link building is never done. That is why we specialize not only in creating valuable link patterns for your website, but we also specialize in creating quality websites that attract both users and search engines.

If you’d like to learn more about link building and our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re industry leaders in SEO and would love to speak with you.

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