Embracing the Dark Side: Unorthodox Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Site

Embracing the Dark Side: Unorthodox Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Site

Embracing the Dark Side: Unorthodox Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Site

In digital marketing, as in life, not everything is on the up and up. Just as there are shady or devious tactics to get you to sign up for credit card offers or switch your cable provider, some websites use similar techniques to attract your attention.

Some marketers believe that any traffic is better than no traffic, but visitors lured to your page under false pretenses are unlikely to stick around, learn more, or make a purchase. However, some tactics are better than others, making it possible for you to score some extra traffic – and sales – through a few unorthodox alternatives.

Leave Questions Unanswered

Answering questions on sites like Quora, Google Questions, and Yahoo! Answers is a popular way for small brands to establish credibility, share industry expertise, and build a trusted reputation. However, some marketers leave questions mostly unanswered with a directive to check out the website linked below to learn more. This sends readers to your site, boosting your traffic and expanding your reach while teaching inquiring minds more about your business.

Pay for Shares

Paying for social media likes, shares, or followers isn’t a new concept, but it’s still considered a viable option for some marketers. Many companies believe that a page full of shares and likes demonstrates popularity, and this is oftentimes the case. Paying for shares, in particular, makes it more likely others will see your products, allowing you to tap into a new network, group, or demographic of social media users who may love what you have to offer.

Hold Social Media Contests

Engagement is a big deal on social media, but many small businesses are unable to adequately keep fans and followers coming back for more. Contests, like caption contests and drawings for freebies, can be an effective way to see an increase in comments, likes, and shares. Don’t be afraid to show enthusiasm in announcing a winner; doing so can foster loyalty in those who participated in your opportunities.

Utilize Retargeting

A strategy that uses site cookies to remind visitors about items left in their carts or clicked on but not purchased, retargeting can be a clever way to win back business from those too trigger shy to complete a transaction. Commonly seen in banner ads or email marketing messages, retargeting can be effective as a standalone reminder or as an opportunity to send discount codes or offer other ways to save, increasing incentives for closing a sale.

Employ Popups

For many years, the term “popup” has been seen as a four-letter word (well, five-letter word). As a barrier to site use, there’s a reason popup blockers have exploded in popularity over the last decade. However, not all popups are evil. Exit intent popups, or popups that appear when a site algorithm expects a user is likely to click away, can be extremely valuable for your website, offering incentives like discounts and freebies that may keep users engaged and interested in your site a little longer.

Driving traffic effectively is always little harder than it sounds. Simply building a website, setting up Facebook, and waiting for the clicks to roll in isn’t a proactive solution; instead, you need to get creative and go outside the box. When you’re looking for a better way to win at digital marketing, RivalMind can help.

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