How to Help Customers Find You: Facebook Ads vs. Google AdWords

How to Help Customers Find You: Facebook Ads vs. Google AdWords

How to Help Customers Find You: Facebook Ads vs. Google AdWords

For small business marketers looking for a good way to get ahead, the right paid advertising path can do wonders for growing leads and inspiring conversions. From Google AdWords to Facebook Ads, the wide world of search engine marketing has plenty of potential. However, with a limited budget, it’s not always possible to invest big bucks in a trial-and-error type scenario. Here’s how to choose between the advertising power of Google vs. Facebook.

Targeting Strategy

What means more to you as an advertiser: keywords or personal characteristics? The answer may drive which direction you choose.

Google AdWords utilizes keywords to present ads to users that fit well with the phrases entered into Google. For example, if your company offers piano tuning services, your ad will appear when local users search phrases like “piano tuning” or “piano tuner near me” on Google. However, there’s no way to control how many people will see these ads or who will act on them.

Facebook, on the other hand, allows advertisers to target ads based on information like age, gender, location, page likes, and more. As an advertiser, you can create customer personas and tailor ads to typical shoppers with ease, making sure your key demographic has a chance to come face to face with your brand.

While Facebook offers unparalleled granularity, however, Google offers the world’s largest audience, providing two effective opportunities to choose from.


For smaller businesses or new startups, every penny makes a difference. As such, planning an advertising strategy will rely heavily on the capital available to spend on marketing techniques.

Both Facebook Ads and Google AdWords can operate on a pay-per-click model, charging the advertiser for each time an ad is clicked by a potential customer. How much you spend depends on how much attention you get, a relatively fair model that equates expenses with leads.

While Google AdWords ads are limited by one singular pricing option, Facebook Ads are not. Customers can choose to pay per click, per 1,000 impressions, or via the optimized cost of 1,000 impressions. There’s no one right answer, with the benefits of each choice varying from one business to the next, but you’ll have to make a decision before moving forward.

A large budget isn’t required to succeed with either format – as always, quality over quantity will help any business see results – but the price differences are worth noting: Google AdWords ads are, on average, three times more expensive than Facebook Ads.

Content Options

The content provided by your ads can make a big difference in getting customers to click, and the available options provide vastly different possibilities.

Google AdWords favors a text-based approach, crafting ads that resemble the meta titles and meta descriptions that appear on search engine results pages. Providing a comprehensive, value-rich snapshot of your business, these ads can attract users as quickly and cleanly as search results. However, this is where the potential ends. To gain access to further details, like reviews, videos, graphics, and more, prospective customers will actually have to proceed to your page to learn more.

Facebook Ads, on the other hand, provide plenty of color and depth. With more room for text and space for images or videos, you can present a concrete depiction of your brand in a dynamic way that words alone can’t match. For companies with a creative focus, this functionality can make an ad much more compelling for consumers.

When you’re ready to venture into the field of PPC advertising, Google AdWords and Facebook Ads are the best of the best. By taking into account factors like price, targeting, and content, you can easily choose the right fit for your business.

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