Geneva SEO Company Provides Tips on Crafting Great Content for Search Engine Optimization

Geneva SEO Company Provides Tips on Crafting Great Content for Search Engine Optimization

Geneva SEO Company Gives Content Tips

Many businesses never actually devise a search engine optimization strategy. Without giving any thought to deeper SEO implementation, content marketing, paid advertising or even creating valuable content for their websites, such companies rely on keywords, meta tags and meta descriptions alone to fuel their SEO strategy. Don’t make the same mistake as your competitors. Develop a comprehensive SEO strategy and watch your rankings soar to the front page of major search engines and your business grow.

Over the years, search engine companies have tailored their algorithms (formulas that read and rank content) to not only search for metadata, such as keywords, tags and descriptions, but to also start ranking the content itself – and not just content like titles, bolded words and hyperlinks – but the meat and potatoes of the page. Search engines want to know that your content matches your metadata, and if it doesn’t, you will be penalized.

Many businesses believe ‘stuffing’ metadata with as many keywords as they possibly is a good strategy: it isn’t. Keyword stuffing is an identifiable area for search engine algorithms, and if you try it, they’ll punish you for it. So first and foremost, make sure you’re using only relevant keywords and search terms for your content. Keep it brief too; you only need 5-7 keywords (again, relevant!) for SEO ranking.

So what should my business do to rank higher in search engine results?

Remember those tailored algorithms we mentioned earlier? These are the key to high-ranking search results. Search engines are busy crawling the web for the most relevant content to deliver to their users when they search, and if your content doesn’t reflect what you claim it does, you’re headed to page 10… or 100. Make sure you have a content marketing strategy in place that focuses on writing great, easy to read material that is informative, relevant and provides the visitor with as much valuable information as quickly as possible. The last thing your business wants is visitors bouncing off your pages because you didn’t deliver what your page promised.

Another way search engines are ranking content is based on the actual design of the site itself. Remember that smart phone in your pocket? Did you know close to 60% of the traffic to your website is from mobile and tablet users? If you’re website isn’t utilizing a responsive design (meaning the site is tailored to display properly on a variety of screen and device sizes), then you’re missing out on higher rankings. Make sure your website is accessible to people across all devices – it’s not just common courtesy, it’s the newest way search engines are ranking content.

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