Keyword Research—What and Why?

Keyword Research—What and Why?

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the process used to find the actual search terms people enter into search engines when looking for information, products, and/or services online. Keyword research tools like MOZ and Google Keyword Planner assist in this endeavor, but the process always begins with a brainstorming session to determine initial terms relevant to the content being shared.

Keyword-focused content can significantly impact a company’s sales, revenue, and profit. Ignoring this SEO practice could be limiting your potential as a business. Once armed with this vital SEO data, you are able to communicate more effectively and prioritize your SEO content.

What Will Keyword Research Help Me Achieve?

Consumer Insights: Content marketing is not so much about selling a product or service to the reader as it is solving a problem for them. By analyzing the keywords that are bringing your prospective customers to your site, you’ll learn more about how to help them. Therefore, you will know how to communicate with visitors in a way that will leave them wanting more information.

Communication: Understanding the keywords your customers and prospects are searching for allows you to target a specific group, and learn how to best communicate with that group. With successful keyword research, each piece of content speaks directly to a specific, clearly defined segment of your desired audience.

Content Planning: Pre-planning content is a difficult task for marketers. How do you know what people want to read? By focusing on the keywords that you’ve carefully selected, you can plan accordingly to help your content reach prospective customers the moment they search for the information you have.

Brand Recognition: When you give people what they want, they remember who you are. Including keyword-rich content in a blog post—combined with good information and quality writing—sets it up as sharable content for websites in your niche, your blog readers, and thought leaders in your industry.

You may worry that focusing too much on keyword heavy content will limit your creativity. However, creative writing can and does work seamlessly with keyword research. Besides, without this, you’ll likely waste time and money developing content that won’t move you closer to your company’s goals. Contact RivalMind today to learn more about our keyword research process and SEO services.

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