Why Niche Industries Can Benefit from SEO

Why Niche Industries Can Benefit from SEO

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As a company in a niche industry, gaining footing can often feel like a challenge. With a service that isn’t essential to all customers – unlike something like retail clothing shops or dentists – making a statement is all the more important. In a market with limited consumers, losing any customer to the competition can be a big blow.

For those in limited industries, search engine optimization is an essential part of ensuring visibility and customer access. By making sure your name appears first in Google searches, you can gain a leg up on the competition and keep your business viable, no matter how niche your space. This is why SEO matters most for those in a limited line of business.

Niche Industries Have Open Competitive Space: SEO Is Low Hanging Fruit

When your products or services only appeal to a limited number of customers, it may seem as if more competition exists by default. You may assume: If there are only a handful of competing businesses in your area, you’re all fighting over the same pool of small customers, narrowing your odds of gaining a competitive advantage.

This evaluation is false. In reality, your niche competitive space is open for market leadership. In competitive markets, such as retail clothing shops or dentistry practices, every other company understands that they must market their service or product to gain any slight competitive advantage. Companies in niche industries often assume the opposite: “My industry is so specialized; I don’t have to compete with many other businesses. SEO is unnecessary for me.”

This prevailing mindset is precisely why SEO is low hanging fruit for niche industries. Once a single company decides to begin search engine optimization, they may become a market leader in an open competitive space.

Becoming a Niche Industry Leader

For established small businesses in niche industries, marketing may feel unnecessary, despite the aforementioned advantages. In a world prior to the internet boom, things like word of mouth referrals were enough to keep business coming in the door. For many small business owners, referrals may still seem like enough to maintain business. Perhaps this method of marketing is working. However, a small niche business surviving off old school tactics can quickly thrive with a sophisticated marketing approach.

For example, today’s consumers trust online reviews at a similar rate to word of mouth testimonials from friends and family members, and many younger adults are far more likely to take to the web to research.

Instead of assuming your business will be fine going forward without a sophisticated approach to marketing, use the evolution in the marketing strategies of small businesses in narrow markets to your advantage. By taking action now, it’s possible to get ahead of the curve, particularly when compared to others who have a similar mindset. Incorporating a strong strategy now can make it hard for others to keep up, increasing your chances of ranking high when those in your local area are in need of your products or services.

Google and Small Markets

As most marketers know, keywords can make or break a Google search. In order for websites and social media posts to be most effective, it’s imperative that businesses take into account the most common words and phrases that speak to what they do and create unique and high-quality content that uses these terms organically. However, for companies that work in very common areas, like accounting or landscaping services, no combination of keywords can help one business rise above the rest.

In a small market, however, it’s likely that the keywords you choose will not have significant competition, especially when you take the lead on marketing in your industry. By establishing your website early and properly, it’s possible to stake a claim on Google that will lead to you serving as the competition for your peers rather than forever competing with others.

SEO Tips for Your Niche Business

When you work in a less popular industry, it’s important to increase visibility as much as possible. These tips can ensure you’re making the right choices in tailoring your approach to SEO.

  • Don’t take shortcuts; all content should be original, high quality, and customized to your business.
  • As many niche resources cater to area clients rather than those around the country, a focus on local SEO can matter most. Put time into establishing yourself in local directories as well as taking advantage of Google My Business to cement your place in your local economy and increase the likelihood of being found in “near me” queries.
  • Stay active on social media, sharing your opportunities and working to build a presence among Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook users. Be sure all profiles are complete with images, business details, and contact information.
  • Stay up to date; old information only serves to diminish your credibility so if anything changes, like your pricing or service packages, be sure these updates are properly reflected throughout your web presence.
  • Take advantage of more sophisticated techniques, like backlinking, to improve your ranking in the SERPs.

When you work in a niche industry, SEO is more important than ever. As one of the primary ways to keep you competitive in a narrow market, digital marketing and SEO can provide the advantages you need to avoid losing ground to the competition. When you want to be sure you’re taking the right approach to your marketing strategy, RivalMind can help you create a custom approach to search engine optimization. Contact us today to learn more.

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