5 Ways Pro Web Design Drives Non-Profit Success

5 Ways Pro Web Design Drives Non-Profit Success

5 Ways Pro Web Design Drives Non-Profit Success

Web Design for Non-Profits

Non-profit organizations often operate on limited budgets and have limited resources. For this reason, every marketing dollar spent needs to count and bring maximum returns. Non-profits depend on creative strategies to increase recognition and raise funds for their organization. The best way to stretch marketing dollars is to invest in professional web design specifically tailored to non-profits. A professionally developed, user-friendly website will serve as a low-maintenance, consistent fundraising tool that will drive traffic, share information, and keep parties informed and organized.

The right web designer will create a site that meets essential criteria. Here are five ways professional web design can catapult your not-for-profit organization to success.

Promotes Credibility

Having a professional website is mandatory when marketing your organization to corporations, networking with other professionals, and creating a credible image. Many grant-makers and philanthropists will overlook organizations without a professional website. Referring potential donors and advocates to your website will be a major asset in securing support for your organization. The mark of professionalism should never be underestimated in your desire to achieve credibility. This defining characteristic will influence your audiences’ lasting impression and their likelihood to support your cause.

Makes It Possible to Reach a Mass Audience and Grow Your Brand Worldwide

While simple marketing practices might work in an organization’s initial phase, they will never offer the publicity and image that rivals professional web design. To grow your audience and attract major investors, a professional website is the greatest tool available. Information can be shared across the globe and allow you to solicit donations that would never be possible otherwise. Inter-organizational networking, which is vital for nonprofits, depends on superior web design.

Raises Support and Capital for Your Organization

A professional website has built-in fundraising tools and will drive major capital campaigns. Designers can add simple features that allow for immediate donations. For example, a donation button (e.g. PayPal, Google Wallet, Razoo) is popular among non-profit sites. Fundraising campaigns can be easily accessed by incorporating advertisements, links to donate, and extensive information for those wishing to learn more. The potential donor benefits from ease of access, while non-profits benefit by saving time and money.

Boosts Social Media Engagement

Social media sites have become increasingly popular among non-profits for advertising, raising awareness, and driving donations. Popular sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be used to target donors, clients, volunteers, and the community at large. Such sites incorporate tools to allow users to donate while organizations track engagement. A website that drives social media interaction is critical to successful non-profit organizations.

Incorporates Organizational Planning Tools

A successful website keeps audiences informed with organizational tools that can be easily added by a professional web designer. These tools may include a calendar of events, online sign-up forms, automatically generated email reminders, a graph that displays fundraising progress, online surveys, and more. Your professional web designer will also show you how to track interaction and offer strategies to boost traffic. Web professionals who specialize in non-profits are also a rich resource for insights into increasing event participation and achieving organizational goals.

A non-profit organization’s community potential is limitless with a strong, attractive website. While it is tempting to cut corners and design your own website, consulting a professional will ultimately save you time and money. Web design can be overwhelming and frustrating. Employing the expertise of a professional web designer will be a game changer for your organization! RivalMind’s professional staff can answer your questions and create a customized professional website for your non-profit organization that will put you on a fast track to success.

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