Not All Content Is Created Equal

Not All Content Is Created Equal

Not All Content Is Created Equal

You’ve got a great website and a robust content calendar to match, and now you’re ready to launch your SEO campaign and watch the traffic roll in. While all of these factors are essential steps on the road to improving SEO, not all content is created equal. Our simple guidelines will help you navigate an SEO campaign, optimize your content for maximum SEO on the front end, as well as make sure you maintain the integrity of your SEO in the future.

What to Expect from an SEO Campaign

First of all, SEO is not a fix it and forget it, overnight cure-all. Organic search traffic can be unpredictable — don’t expect to see your traffic patterns steadily trend upwards. There will be spikes in the amount of traffic coming to your website depending on the popularity of your content. Even while holding a steady SEO campaign, you may not see any results until out of nowhere one of your pieces begins to gain traction. Then the rest of your pages will start to follow in a domino effect. Fresh content is the backbone of an SEO campaign, but fresh content alone, even great content alone, is not going to fulfill your SEO needs.

The Connection Between SEO and Content Marketing

In order to create optimal content for SEO, it is important to understand their connection. SEO and content marketing are different, but they simultaneously work hand in hand to meet the same objectives. Your content fulfills the demands needed for SEO. For example, content marketing provides the opportunity for utilizing keywords, introducing backlinks, and consistently putting out fresh content. All of these are important aspects of SEO that content marketing can fulfill.

Overall Marketing Strategy and Content

When improving your search engine ranking, it is important not to lose focus of your overall marketing strategy in your quest to improve in website traffic. Just as your business likely does not target every individual on the sidewalk, your content should not either. Is your messaging consistent to your brand and applicable to your target audience? Your content needs to not only be fresh, but it needs to be of quality and interest to your prospective customer. In the end, this will make your content more effective for the needs of your business.

Promotion is Key

Even with a content calendar stocked full of creative and innovative content, great content depends on great promotion. Without pushing your blog posts, infographics, etc., out, they will just sit and gather dust deep in your website. Consider the avenues where your prospective customers will consume their content and push yours in that direction.

Backlinks Matter

It has been proven over and over that top performing content within organic search contains a high number of backlinks. Particularly if a large number of the links come from high-quality websites, your content will perform better. But don’t forget about internal links either. Your content is the perfect opportunity to direct consumers where you want them to go on your site. Just make sure that the internal links make sense and feel natural.

Update Underperforming Content

You’ve created quality content, ensured that it’s full of useful backlinks, and pushed it out to relevant avenues, but yet you still have a portion of your content that is underperforming. This is expected in an SEO campaign, but don’t give up on this content! Figure out what’s making the successful posts work and see if you can repurpose your underperforming content. Most importantly, don’t let it just wilt away. Update the content in order to get maximum value out of your old content, while also maintaining SEO integrity.

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