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Abston Flooring has been installing laminate and hardwood in the Tampa Bay area since 1983. Known for expert installation and customer service excellence, Abston Flooring offers dustless tile removal, floor flattening, and installation. Unique to Abston, the high-tech installer offers “dustless” tile removal, utilizing an industrial vacuum system that collects dust particles. All jackhammers and grinders are fitted with special vacuum attachments; thus, the dust never goes airborne to spread throughout the house.


Abston Flooring contacted RivalMind regarding local SEO after receiving a strong referral from a business partner. Beyond search engine optimization however, Abston Flooring was grossly underrepresented by its website. RivalMind strategists presented a strong business case to redesign the website, optimizing it for SEO, usability, and mobile browsing. The new website represents Abston Flooring well with an elegant, usable design that reinforces Abston’s reputation in Tampa Bay. Branding was also addressed and a new logo introduced. The results to date have been impressive with excellent growth in targeted, regional search traffic.

Abston Flooring has already seen tremendous gains in search visibility, despite steep competition in the region. The site has seen a 400% increase in targeted, organic traffic since launch.

Megan Kells - Strategist
abston flooring homepage design
Created by The Strategy Team | 25 03 2018 | Companies

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