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Aladdin Doors is a family owned business committed to providing the best customer experience, competitive pricing, and fast service in Kane County, Illinois. Aladdin Doors specializes in garage door repair and installation; and recognizes the importance of a properly operating garage door, not only for usability, but for security and peace of mind.


Aladdin Doors of Kane County was established as the first franchise of Aladdin Doors, Inc. in January of 2014. Although the holding company has a website and lists each franchise, Aladdin Doors of Kane County wasn’t benefitting from this arrangement. Thus, RivalMind was commissioned to build a franchise-specific website to draw new customers from a specific demographic region. An elegant, mobile-responsive website was developed with local SEO in mind. The results to date have been impressive with month-over-month double-digit growth in organic search traffic.

There seriously can’t be a better web design team to work with on this planet. I can’t say enough good things about the RivalMind people, their customer service, and the work they produce. I’ve seen our website traffic go through the roof since developing a new website and engaging in local SEO. Kudos to RivalMind.

Mark Brolley - Owner
aladdin doors homepage design
Created by The Strategy Team | 24 03 2018 | Companies

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