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Case Foundation Company is America’s leading deep foundation specialist, responsible for the foundations that support our skyscrapers, bridges, and landmarks. Since its inception, Case has consistently led the way in deep foundation technology, from the introduction of mechanized drilled shaft construction, to the development of specialized tools for rock-socketed shaft installation, to the advancement of top down concrete slurry wall construction.

The Case Foundation website design project was pursued by RivalMind to demonstrate the undeniable upgrade in their mobile user experience by developing a mobile-responsive website architecture.

User Centered Design

As the annotated homepage illustrates below, many deliberate design enhancements provide a fluid user experience for both the mobile visitor (phone and tablet) and the desktop user. The overall layout is clean, simple, and responsive. Key messaging is designed to grab the user’s attention, but is also succinct enough to be readily digestible. The simplified navigation is clear, prominent, and fixed, yet collapses on mobile devices. The slideshow is easily updated via the content management system and provides Case Foundation marketers with the ability to convey multiple messages. Instead of burying industries served on interior pages, top markets are featured prominently on the homepage along with relevant projects, a corporate video, and clear ways to connect via social media.

A mobile-optimized, user-focused website is critical. Our customers expect us to be on the cutting edge of all we do.

Joe Hendricks - Director
Created by The Strategy Team | 19 03 2018 | Companies

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