SEO and Social Media Help Chicago Nonprofits Save Lives

SEO and Social Media Help Chicago Nonprofits Save Lives

SEO for Nonprofits

SEO and Social Media Help Chicago Nonprofits Save Lives

RivalMind serves a myriad of distinguished and distinctive not-for-profit organizations. Nearly all have a common purpose—saving lives—and harness the power of the Internet in pursuit of their mission. Detailed below, two Chicago-based nonprofits focus exclusively on the acute needs of woman, with search marketing and social media central to their success. Kwagala Project rescues women from human trafficking around the world, providing aftercare, counseling, trauma therapy, and education. CareNet DuPage compassionately cares for women working through the difficulties of unplanned pregnancy, offering counseling, ultrasounds, and a myriad of resources.


  1. Attract Donors: As with most not-for-profit organizations, Kwagala Project and CareNet DuPage operate entirely on donations. Consequently, attracting new donors through search marketing is imperative. and are used predominantly for donor relations.
  2. Appointments: CareNet has a second portal—, which serves as the primary referral source for women seeking assistance. Helpful articles, blog posts, and testimonials engage visitors, but the ultimate objective is contact with visitors—scheduling onsite appointments, counseling, and emotional support.


Both organizations sought out RivalMind to assist with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In both campaigns, the process was similar:

  • RivalMind worked closely with the client to determine the best keyword targets. Current site traffic was analyzed and keyword research tools were used to determine the target keywords prospects were using.
  • Keyword-relevant articles and blog posts were created for targeted keywords. For CareNet’s brick-and-mortar locations, NAP listings (name, address, phone) across more than 50 directories were standardized.
  • Through an ongoing link-building program, new content was distributed to appropriate sites that accept user-generated material. Each article linked back to the website with relevant anchor text. All submissions were also added to social bookmarking sites and other locations.


Since launching the CareNet campaign in September 2014 (, monthly organic traffic has more than doubled. Site analytics reveal pageviews increased by 101%, sessions increased by 141%, and unique visitors increased by 178% compared to the same time period one year prior. Kwagala Project has experienced comparable success over the last two years with heavy emphasis on social media and blogging.

The analytics are impressive. We’ve had little success with SEO until working with the RivalMind team. It’s a valuable partnership we intend to retain for years to come!
Christopher May, Director of Operations, CareNet Dupage

The RivalMind team is a pleasure to work with. The analytics certainly speak for themselves. Visitors become volunteers and donors.
Kristen Hendricks, Executive Director, Kwagala Project NFP

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