Tips on Social Media Posting Frequency for Business

Tips on Social Media Posting Frequency for Business

Social Media Posting Frequency

An interesting question we receive fairly regularly from growing businesses is, “How often should we post on social media?” The answer is, “It depends.” What are your target demographics? Who is following your social media accounts? What goals have you established for your business that involve social media campaigns? All of these issues factor into the answer.

However, there are some frequency tips that produce positive results for your business, no matter what your goals are. Read on to get tips for posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


The popular notion is that you have to have two posts a day on Facebook. New data suggests that posting frequently did not boost follower engagement for those companies that have fewer than 10,000 followers, and that two posts a day every month resulted in followers clicking on the content in the post 50% less than the companies that only posted up to five times in a month. However, more frequent posts still generate more clicks over the month, even if each post loses follower engagement. So the question for Facebook is whether you want more clicks each month or you want to engage more of your audience with fewer but tailored posts. The data goes on to show that any more than two posts a day significantly lowers user engagement, unless you have more than 10,000 followers.


Two new studies by and released information about what the right number of tweets per day (also known as TPD) is. What they found is that to increase audience engagement per tweet, the right number was 3 to 5 TPD. However, if your goal is to receive more audience response to your tweets, then have 30 to 50 TPD. That is a lot of time and concerted effort on one platform, unless you run a huge international business.


Instagram is a platform where the more consistent content you post, the better your audience engagement becomes. Many brands with large followings post about 11 posts a week with great engagement results. Whatever number your business chooses, keep that number and the type of content posted consistent to retain and grow your follower base.


To see success on a Pinterest page, five pins a day is enough to yield consistent growth for a smaller business, according to a survey compiled by Piquora.  Be sure to tailor your pins to the goals you establish for the business. For larger, more followed businesses, 15 to 30 pins yields larger increases in brand success.

Again, these are the basics of post frequency per platform for a general audience. Your business goals and the target demographic may change some of these numbers, especially if there is a particular campaign or product launch that needs specific attention. And these are not the only platforms in use. Most other platforms are not as large as those mentioned in this blog, and posting once a day is a good bet, but not backed up with quantifiable data for success. To get more information on what works for your business, contact us and let us help you craft your social media presence.

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