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We develop calculated, measurable user experiences that attract, engage and convert visitors.

We have decades of experience developing websites for global, iconic brands, midsize clientele, and local businesses poised to grow. We’re small, yet powerful, and uniquely personal. We are genuine in our desire to grow your business.

We give you the power.

We build every website with a powerful content management system so you can administer it.

WordPress is a breeze for even the most novice users. Create posts and pages, format them easily, insert media, and with the click of your mouse, content is instantly live on the web. WordPress is a very powerful tool with an infinite number of options!

WordPress Website Developer
We Define

The ultimate goal of any website is to attract, engage, influence, and convert visitors. To accomplish this, we must first understand your visitors—their goals, roles, and personas. We must also understand the competitive landscape, content resources, functional requirements, analytics; and we must explicitly define site objectives.

We Design

With the project clearly defined and research in hand, the creative team constructs interface wireframes. Graphic design compositions soon follow, but not without strategic review and scrutiny. It is certain, profitable design is deliberate—every single pixel—and must meld form and function to lead visitors toward predefined marketing goals.

We Develop

Finally, we bring the vision to life. Using cutting-edge technologies, our specialists develop each site mobile-up, user-optimized, and Google-ready. At launch, we initiate the search-marketing action plan derived during strategy, driving qualified traffic to a site designed for conversion. Updating the site is effortless via the content management system.

Web Design Style

Design Strategy.

The design process begins with a style guide, prescribing fonts, colors, buttons, iconography, and other influential interface elements.

We also develop blueprints, known as wireframes, to identify the paths and placement of strategic content designed to lead the visitor.

First Meeting

The first crucial step is to define the project, which starts with a discovery meeting. Following introductions, we learn about your organization, understand your goals, and begin to understand your visitors’ goals, roles, and personas. We also discuss our methodology and the strategy required to build a successful website by all measures, including the key performance indicators you define.

Project Team

The project team determines and directs each milestone and every task required to define, design, develop, and deploy your website. Through every stage, your project manager guides the way, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable process for you and your team. As the primary point of contact, the project manager clearly communicates with you as we methodically journey toward deployment.

Mobile Design

Responsive design provides an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with minimal resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computers). RivalMind will design your website with a unique mobile experience that matches the overall style of the site (responsive design), so your content will look great on every device, every time.

Adding Content

Updating your content is effortless using the website content management system. Akin to using a simple word processor online, the site administrator securely logs into the website and then navigates to the page she wishes to edit. After making the corresponding updates, the administrator simply saves the page and the site is updated. Content updates are solely in your hands.

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