Often Overlooked Website Credibility Boosters

Often Overlooked Website Credibility Boosters

Website Credibility Boosters

It isn’t easy getting people to trust you on the Internet, these days. After all, just looking like a legitimate website is easy to do. Customers are looking for a guarantee that you’re the genuine article before they click the “buy” button, and give you all of their sensitive information.

So how do you get people to believe that your website is perfectly safe? Well, these underutilized tools are a good place to start.

1. Third-Party Endorsements

Getting coverage by a major news outlet, or other trusted source, will help ease the minds of potential customers. Thus, if you ever receive serious coverage, make sure you mention it somewhere on your site. Provide a link to it, and show your potential customers that a trusted outlet was willing to vouch for you. After all, if the Chicago Times says you’re trustworthy, then that can go a long way toward getting more people to go through your digital checkout.

2. Be Specific

Your website probably has an “About Us” section on it. It’s one of the required pages that everyone adds. However, general placeholder text will make a lot of your visitors uneasy. You want to be as specific as you possibly can, in order to prove to people that you really exist. So don’t be afraid to list specific dates and names, and make sure you give as much information as possible. In this situation, it really is better to give too much, as opposed to not enough.

3. Tell Your Story

People don’t just buy products; they buy stories. It’s one thing to have a great deal, but it’s another to have a great deal, and to be able to share a story about it. By telling your story to your clients, you’re putting yourself out there. You’re sharing something. That makes people trust you more than they normally would, which can help them feel more comfortable moving from visitor to customer.

4. Proofread

It sounds like the most basic step you can take, but proofreading your site is the best way to convince people you are legitimate. If you have spelling errors in your item descriptions, or grammar mistakes on your checkout pages, then your customers are going to look askance at you. They expect you to have the whole “language thing” down, and even the slightest mistakes magnify the potential risk someone is taking (in their own minds) by trusting you. Because if you can’t take the time to make sure your grammar and spelling are correct, how can they trust that your security is up to snuff?

These are, of course, just a few of the methods that you can use to reassure your potential customers that you will take care of their needs, and keep their information safe. For more overlooked ways to boost your credibility, check our blog! We cover this topic occasionally.

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