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Royale Concrete specializes in concrete polishing, repair, surface preparation, and coatings. The company started in 2006 as a small residential contractor focusing on concrete pouring and finishing. Today, Royale is known for industry innovation in concrete polishing, repair, and surface preparation for commercial, manufacturing, government, and residential customers.


Royale Concrete contacted RivalMind regarding local SEO after receiving a solid referral from a business associate. The RivalMind team assessed Royale’s website and found a plethora of SEO and usability issues. A collective decision was made to redesign the website from the ground up prior to initiating ongoing SEO. As a result, an elegant, usable, optimized website was developed that reinforces Royale’s reputation in the industry. Beyond search engine optimization and SEO, RivalMind now manages Royale’s social media marketing. The results to date have been impressive with excellent growth in targeted, regional search traffic and social engagement.

We love the RivalMind team! They are professional, solutions-oriented, reliable, trustworthy, results-driven, customer-focused, and very well organized in all of their processes. I highly recommend them to any company.

Jessica Ledger-Kalen - CEO
royale concrete homepage design
Created by The Strategy Team | 25 03 2018 | Companies

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