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EscapeWorks Denver Ltd. has experienced double-digit growth in organic traffic and revenue every month for over a year. Escapeworks requested the services of RivalMind to develop a new, mobile-friendly website. In addition to an elegant, visually-impactful interface, the site incorporates an SEO optimized architecture, open-source content management system, blog/news, social feed integration, appointment scheduling and more.

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are the new entertainment venue sensation taking the country by storm! A puzzle-solving team made up of 2-8 people enter a unique, theme-based room and have 60 minutes to solve the clues that will unlock the door. Within each room are puzzles, clues, and codes that must be deciphered. Sometimes a clue will lead you to another clue, a way out, or even a hidden room! All with the pulse-pounding thrill of trying to beat the clock while watching the minutes tick away.

The website is excellent. Exactly what we were looking for… a mobile optimized site with visual intrigue. I’m even more impressed by the SEO. Great work guys.

Eric Hill - Cofounder
EscapeWorks Homepage Design
Created by The Strategy Team | 19 03 2018 | Companies

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