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GOVmotus is a cost-effective solution for streamlined, automated building department services. Developed by community development experts, the software links permitting and licensing to help improve operational efficiencies and processes for local/city building departments.


The marketing team at GOVmotus needed a promotional site to advertise the benefits of the GOVmotus application, which is cloud-based software system designed for local/city building departments to better manage permits and licenses. Thus, RivalMind was commissioned to build an elegant, mobile-responsive, Google-ready website to help drive new business. The website is built on WordPress – an open-source content management system with Google Analytics integration. GOVmotus users simply click the login button to access the application from the marketing website.

I am continually impressed by the RivalMind team’s range of expertise and skills, as well as their attention to detail and commitment to excellence.

Karen Johnson - Marketing
GOVmotus Application
Created by The Strategy Team | 26 11 2018 | Companies

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