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Healthier Middlesex builds relationships with diverse community members to impact the health of central New Jersey. Real, lasting community change comes from understanding where we are, where we want to be, and how to get there.

Healthier Middlesex is committed to collaboration and health equity, ensuring all services, programs, and activities are culturally and linguistically appropriate. Each goal reflects a specific priority area identified by our communities.

1. Collective Impact
Establish and sustain effective partnerships to improve equitable access to, and utilization of, culturally and linguistically appropriate community health related resources.

2. Access to Care and Services
Ensure access to culturally and linguistically appropriate health care, services, and resources that equitably meet the needs of the diverse populations of Middlesex and Somerset counties.

3. Health Risk Factors
Promote healthy lifestyles through culturally and linguistically appropriate practices that reduce preventable risk factors.

4. Disease Specific
Decrease the prevalence and severity of leading chronic health conditions affecting Middlesex and Somerset counties through culturally and linguistically appropriate strategies that improve overall well-being.


Well beyond just the aesthetics, our creative team focused on guiding visitors. By defining visitor roles, goals, and personas, the site was organized according to the needs of its audience – diverse community members of central New Jersey. The ultimate objective was realized, as visitors can now find the information most relevant to them within seconds. Data options are available down every path, providing users with instant access to assessments, plans, statistics, partners, grants, news, and more, which was defined as a key performance indicator during early discussions.

The end product was exactly what we were looking for. The site is beautiful, and more complicated than one might think, as it displays a plethora of dynamic data in graphic form, which RivalMind implemented perfectly. I would highly recommend RivalMind. The RivalMind team was excellent to work with.

Zach Taylor - Marketing
Healthier Middlesex Homepage design
Created by The Strategy Team | 20 06 2018 | Companies, Nonprofits

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