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Plastic Pallet Pros is owned and operated by Robbins Resource Management, founded in 2006 to provide comprehensive pallet services to the US shipping industry. As its name suggests, Plastic Pallet Pros offers to businesses and consumers alike a variety of plastic pallets designed for specific applications. Robbins Resource has a large network of suppliers and manufacturers throughout the United States and utilizes its strong relationships to meet the diverse needs of customers and vendors.


Robbins Resource Management engaged RivalMind to design and develop an ecommerce website that facilitates plastic pallet sales nationally. Due to rapidly fluctuating freight prices in the United States, unique functionality was required during checkout. Thus, users engage with Robbins Resource professionals to confirm shipping prices after pallets have been selected for purchase, including truckload and/or single-item pricing.

The Plastic Pallet Pros website opens a new avenue for Robbins Resource to engage with an online segment of buyers untapped until now. The site is elegant, usable, search-optimized, and customized for truckload buyers.

Harley Helmer - PM
Plastic Pallet Pros Homepage design
Created by The Strategy Team | 08 08 2018 | Companies

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