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Rugged Van Rentals


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Rugged Van Rentals is the only rental company on the front range of the Rockies with true 4×4 passenger vehicles capable of tackling Colorado’s rugged landscape. The Rugged Vans fleet is used for corporate events, ski trips, remote camping, and more – taking passengers and gear where the action is.


Rugged Van Rentals hired the RivalMind team to develop a great brand and a beautiful, user-friendly, mobile-optimized website. Customers use the site to book vehicles using a sophisticated, but user-centered reservation system. Developed Google-ready, the website was built with SEO in mind, as search engines serve as the primary sales driver.

We couldn’t be more pleased with our website and the RivalMind team. As we’ve experienced, they embody service excellence, expertise, and proven commitment to customer success.

Eric Hill - CEO
Rugged Van Rentals Homepage Design
Created by The Strategy Team | 04 10 2018 | Companies

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